What We Do

X5 Retail is an enterprise which works on brilliant and innovative concepts and explores relatively untapped business opportunities. At X5 Retail we work on Exclusive space selling model, by creating a melange of fresh traditional designs with contemporary ideas and presenting it in a Modern exhibition style concept at Premium Shopping Malls & Other Popular Venues having High Footfall, across the country.

Are you looking for a great place to display your goods & get more clients?

       Grab this opportunity & Promote yourself in our events.


we understand how essential and satisfying it is to stay physically fit & look beautiful in these times. So we put up a Grand Exhibition by collaborating with the Best Brands in Fitness, Beauty & Healthy foods industry and give you a chance to get Exclusive peek at the latest trends in Fitness & Beauty Enhancing technologies.

Crafts Flea

A Modern Exhibition concept In Malls, where we Selectively Hunt and bring together the best Handicraft artisans from across the country and showcase their unique products, which are exclusively sold in our exhibitions.


 A festival of shopping, food and entertainment in a beautiful outdoor setting. Featuring more than 100 vendors offering trendsetting and unique merchandise to keep you strong on Fashion radar. FFF is the One-Stop-Destination for best shopping experience.

Wedding Secrets 

One of our ventures, is a One Stop Destination for all you need to make your Wedding, the most Memorable event of your life.  Meet the Best in Wedding industry and let them do the work, so you can enjoy the most important day of your life.

Night Market 

Our creative way of making your nights more exciting than your days. Join us for an all night long Shopping, Food, Music & Gaming Extravaganza and spend your nights like you have never done before.


Today X5 Retail is the rising star with a capital efficiency and is a profitable business. We do weekend popup markets continuously every week of the year also keeping in mind that the product mix vary from season to season and festivities to festivities. The activities have expanded to almost every major city as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities of the country with many more in the pipeline.


  • Doing small time wholesale of artificial jewellery and after incurring heavy loses 2 years back, came to X5 Retail (now IEC) and did a very modest beginning. With no money to pay advance rent for just a stall in one of the malls in Mumbai, he and his wife started from half stall of artificial traditional jewelry. Today in 2 years time he is present in all the malls where IEC is present, employees about 12-15 people and makes profit of couple of lacs in a month.


  • Comes from a small village in Haryana. Worked as sales staff for mojari selling stalls in Bangalore. One day the employer told him that he was sorry and he could not afford to pay him salary for last 2-3 months. He told him to assume the existing stocks as his salary and take them. Through somebody’s help Pawan managed to come to Mumbai and put his first setup at Borivali grounds. He was picked up by IEC, brought to one of the malls in Bombay and given a stall position. Scared initially he was given 50% discount at that tie 2 years back for the first month of his business with IEC. He himself is now exhibiting in Govt. Of India exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai, Frankfurt and many other places and making good money.


  • Coming from a small village in Saharanpur village of U.P, Aslam and his family had a very good collection of wooden handicrafts but no opportunity to sell it. It took time for IEC to convince him to come to Mumbai. 6 months of persuasion and he finally came to Mumbai and started off with one mall. Today Aslam has turned into an entrepreneur at a very young age. Now he is a part and parcel of the team, participating everywhere and employing a decent number of staff and also making good money.


  • A designer by qualification, used to do just a few random exhibitions in a small halls in Mumbai. But tasted real success when she participated with IEC and started exhibiting at various locations with IEC. Today not just Suvarna herself but her entire family is into this arena of exhibitions managing all her stalls with X5.


  • Coming from a decent family and an excellent homemaker Mrs. Rajni and her husband shifted from Bangalore to Mumbai a few years back. Once they just happened to visit Infiniti Malad and were quite interested with the setup that X5 had at the mall. She went back did her research and came up with an amazing range of products “Rajasthani Crafts”. Today Mrs. Rajni sources all her products from various parts of Rajasthan and does it all by herself. She has tasted the sweet fruit of success with X5 and has evolved as a true entrepreneur.


  • Before being associated with IEC Shree used to participate in some odd random exhibitions in Mumbai. Later she participated with X5, and is now present in all the malls where IEC is present, employees few people and makes good profit every month.